Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Look at These Schmohawks

Schmohawk is a word I stole from one of my favorite people, Larry David. It is used to describe a person who is an idiot, moron, douchebag or all of the above. Here now are some people that
I think fit the bill as Schmohawks.


Thank god this guy lost the election, or we could have had President Schmohawk. I admit, I was a huge Edwards fan, and I enjoyed his populist message, but what a Schmohawk. While his wife, who is awesome, had cancer he went and knocked up some other woman, and then refused to accept responsibility as the father. Textbook Schmohawk behavior.


Bang! Bang! Agent Zero, or now, Agent Schmohawk, brought guns into the Washington Wizards locker room in a clear violation of NBA rules. Yeah, way to help the people of one of our nation's most violent cities forget that the team used to be called the Bullets. He apologized, but then in true Schmohawk fashion did this (see picture) during last night's introductions. This Schmohawk will be lucky to play again.


Sure, his wife is a raging bitch on wheels, but this guy is a total Schmohawk. His whiny, lazy ass is lucky that his spawn bought him his fifteen minutes of fame because I've seen more interesting stains on my driveway. His kids would be destined for a future as an Arby's night manager if they followed his example. Please tell me the gossip columns will drop this Schmohawk like a bag of dirt in 2010.

That's it, and there's no hope for these Schmohawks to be un-Schmohawked. Once a Schmohawk, always a Schmohawk.

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  1. To your list I would also like too add that Schmohawk that got drunk and decided to drive his car into his ex girlfriends house. He picked the wrong damn house and pinned to people under his car.