Sunday, June 27, 2010

Companies That Should Sponsor Me

I think that I would do very well as a walking billboard for certain companies, and in fact, I already feel like I am some of the time. This blog entry is a plea to all those company presidents and marketing people to send me free stuff, so that I might tell people how awesome said stuff is.

Ralph Lauren Polo Brand Polo Shirts

I wear pretty much exclusively these shirts. If you know me, you know this to be true. I think its a no-brainer. Send me some shirts, Ralph! I'm already like the Salt Lake City branch of your company, deputize me already.

Crystal Light

This stuff is great. I mix up a big batch of lemonade or raspberry lemonade a few times a week to quench my thirst. Send me powder packets please, and I'll tell everyone about the deliciousness of Crystal Light.

Apple Computers

Guess what kind of computer this blog is written on? That's right, the old MacBook does pretty well, but I could use a new one. I also love my iPod, but its a little outdated too. I tell everyone I know that Macs rule, and that they blow PCs out of the water. That alone should get me a coupon for an iPad. Whattaya say, Jobs?

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