Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Remember When?

I remember things, do you?

Remember when the word celebrity meant that someone was famous for something worthwhile, like being a good actor or actress or achieving something meaningful? Not like say, The Situation or Bristol Palin or Kate Gosselin?

Remember when every movie wasn't in 3D? Two dimensions was always good enough for me at the movies. Since when did it become necessary to have everything in 3D? I'm no expert, but I think Eat, Pray, Love would be just fine in 2D.

Remember when M & M's had plain and peanut and almond and that was it? Now there's pretzel and coconut and dark chocolate. What's next, raisin? I still want to get the light brown ones back in place of blue. Oh well.

Remember Crystal Pepsi? That was really good stuff, so refreshing, but really not at all like Pepsi. I think they should bring it back. It can't be any worse than all those foul tasting energy drinks.

Remember when shows like Hoarders weren't on T.V. and we only observed people like that from across the street in our neighborhoods?

Remember when hacky sacks were cool? I do, it was seventh grade for me.

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