Saturday, February 19, 2011

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This week,


Starring- Mike Myers, Dana Carvey, Rob Lowe, Tia Carrere

This was the most important comedy of my youth in which Mike Myers and Dana Carvey teamed up to give audiences the best movie ever made out of a Saturday Night Live sketch. It is hard to quantify how much this movie and the characters of Wayne and Garth meant to me. I was Wayne for Halloween more than once, I wrote a Wayne's World inspired sketch and performed it in high school, and I could (and still probably can) recite the film's first 15 minutes verbatim. I will now write down the intro from the movie from memory without any Google, IMDB or Wikipedia help. Scouts honor. Send me a note if I get it wrong.

Let me bring you up to speed. My name is Wayne Campbell, I live in Aurora, Illinois, which is a suburb of Chicago- excellent. I've had plenty of Joe jobs, nothing I'd call a career. Let me put it this way, I have an extensive collection of name tags and hairnets. I still live with my parents, which I admit, is both bogus and sad. But I have an amazing cable access show, and I still know how to party. But what I'd really love is to do Wayne's World for a living. It might happen, sha, and monkeys might fly out of my butt! Ah, the mirth-mobile. This is my best friend, Gath Algar. (You're welcome)

Wayne's World is chock full of funny moments, homages and lines. Also, there are cameos by the likes of Brian Doyle-Murray, Chris Farley, Meat Loaf, Ed O'Neil and Alice Cooper. When I first saw the movie in 1992 at the age of 9, much of the more adult humor escaped me, but as I matured, new jokes and references within the film made it a richer comedic tapestry. Some may call Wayne's World infantile and stupid, but beneath that veneer of ridiculousness lies a witty, sometimes philosophical melodrama that really makes you think on multiple levels about issues as diverse as women's rights and the perils of fame. NOT! How gullible are you? I really fished you in there. Anyway, for a good laugh and very little else, see Wayne's World- it'll make you laugh, cry and hurl.

Things to watch for-

Bohemian Rhapsody
The Scooby Doo ending
A gun rack
The Suck Cut
Milwaukee- which is Algonquin for 'The Good Land'

"If he were an ice cream flavor, he'd be Pralines and Dick."

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