Sunday, February 13, 2011

Top 5 Star Trek Episodes

Star Trek was a T.V. series ahead of its time. Creator Gene Roddenberry and his group of writers gave us an optimistic and exciting glimpse at what our future might hold, and they did it with compelling stories and memorable characters. While there were some cheesy 1960's elements within the show, Star Trek was groundbreaking. Here now are my picks for the best episodes- in no particular order.


Kirk, Scotty, McCoy and Uhura get accidentally transported into a savage mirror universe where Spock has a beard, the crew moves up in rank by assassination and everyone wears sparkly sashes. They have to get back to their own Enterprise before they are discovered to be frauds by the evil mirror people. This is the classic alternate universe episode that spawned many copycats in later Star Trek series. Best Moment- Kirk still manages to get some mirror universe poon while trying to escape.


The Enterprise comes upon a sleeper ship carrying a ripped, bronzed superman and his followers. That swarthy superman is Khan, a tyrant from the 1990's. When Khan isn't charming the ladies, he's trying to steal the Enterprise and murder Captain Kirk. Kirk eventually bests Khan and maroons him on Ceti Alpha V, but I have a strange feeling we'll see him again someday. Best Moment- Kirk and Khan's fist fight in engineering. Those aren't stuntmen, people. (Those are stuntmen.)


A young hottie named Joan Collins guest stars in this classic episode. McCoy goes insane and Kirk and Spock must use a talking portal named the Guardian of Forever to travel back in time to rescue him. In the process of rescuing McCoy and saving the space/time continuum, Kirk falls in love with Edith Keeler (Collins). McCoy is eventually saved, but not before a tragic ending. This is one of the sadder, more moving episodes in the series. Best Moment- Spock builds a radio.


This episode introduces us to Spock's parents, Amanda and Sarek. The Enterprise is taking various diplomats to a conference on the planet Babel, but there is a murderer on board who targets Sarek and then Kirk. Both men are seriously injured and Spock is torn between his duty and saving his father via a transfusion. With the ship under attack things get messy, and Spock must make a sacrifice. What happens? Watch it and find out. Best Moment- Spock's daddy issues.


One of the funnier episodes, The Trouble With Tribbles follows the crew as they are carrying a cargo of grain to the K-7 station. Things go awry when the Klingons show up, and when fuzzy fur balls called tribbles take over the ship and the station and eat all the grain. Tribbles may be cute, but don't feed them, kids, you'll be sorry. Best Moment- The tribble hates the Klingon.

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