Thursday, July 28, 2011

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Starring- William Shatner, DeForest Kelley, James Doohan, Christopher Lloyd

Most Trekkers maintain that the only good Star Trek films are the even numbered ones. I agree, except for the new Star Trek film (number 11), and this one, which I feel is too often maligned. It follows the events of Star Trek II, with the Enterprise returning to Earth after being battered by Khan, and the death of Spock whose body was left behind on the newly created planet Genesis. What follows is an exciting and moving adventure that I can still watch over and over again.

As they return to Earth, the Kirk is called to Spock's quarters because of an intruder who turns out to be Dr. McCoy. McCoy is out of sorts and it becomes clear, after a visit from Sarek, Spock's father, that before he died, Spock put his Katra, or living spirit, inside McCoy via a mind meld. Kirk must now defy his orders in order to rescue Spock's body from Genesis and return his Katra to him. Meanwhile, Kirk's son David and Lt. Saavik are exploring the Genesis planet, but their trip takes an unexpected turn when they find a Vulcan boy who turns out to be a regenerated Spock.

The Klingons are also in the picture, as they race to Genesis to discover its secrets. Kirk and crew are able to steal the Enterprise and get to Genesis just in time to fight the Klingons, but not before Kirk suffers yet another devastating loss- or two. Star Trek III, which was directed by Leonard Nimoy, is a darker chapter in the series, but has all the ingredients that people enjoy about Star Trek. There is a good amount of action- especially Kirk and Kruge's final fight, there is a lot of heart, and some good laughs- McCoy trying to nerve pinch the security guard is hilarious.

I probably watched this Star Trek movie more than all the others as a kid because of the amount of excitement in it. The crew stealing the Enterprise and the dog fight with the Klingons are still my favorite parts that I could watch anytime. The best thing about this film is that it set up one of the best entries in the series- the one with the whales.

Things to watch for-

John Larroquette as Maltz
Kruge's dog
The Excelsior
The final voyage of the Enterprise
Sulu kicks some ass

"Jim...your name is Jim."

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