Thursday, July 7, 2011

To Blog or Not To Blog...

I have been struggling to write blog posts of late, mostly because my creativity has been spent on my podcast. It seems to be serving much the same purpose of this blog, but in a slightly different format. I want to keep blogging, but it is difficult to come up with enough material for a blog and a podcast when I still have to go to work, and do all of the other things that life demands. You might think that I'm leading up to saying that this is an end to the blog, but you'd be wrong. I feel that it is important to keep this bad boy going- if for no other reason than to do movies of the week and books of the month.

So, I pledge to keep on writing, even though it might be less frequent and on a smaller array of topics. I would hate to disappoint all my throngs of readers. I also want to have an outlet for some things that aren't podcast appropriate. Conned! is here to stay, people. At least until my podcast takes off and I can hire someone to write this blog for me.

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