Thursday, November 19, 2009

People I Can Do Without

Here is a list of some people that I would be happy to never see or hear from again.

Paris Hilton

Guys who wear a suit jacket or blazer over a wildly designed t-shirt and tight jeans. It stopped being a good look a long time ago.

Old retired people who go to the grocery store in droves on the weekend. You're retired, you can go any day of the week! Leave the weekends for people who work (not me).

Twilight fans. Especially ones who think Robert Pattinson is good looking- HE LOOKS UNWELL!

Parents who buy booze for and drink with their teenage kids. You are losers, stop trying to recapture your youth and be your kids' friend.

People who think they eat healthy and tell you what to eat, even though they have it all wrong. An all tomato diet isn't eating well.

Smug USC fans.

Fans of Notre Dame football, Michigan Football, and the New York Yankees who think it is their birthright to have their teams be winners every year. Guess what, there is much more parity in sports now and other teams got better. Stop whining and realize it isn't 1960 anymore.

Utah drivers who don't know how to use a four way stop.

That fat kid from 2 and a Half Men.

Guys who don't wash their hands after they pee. You're costing the rest of us creditability.

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