Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hey, Schmohawks!

The world is full of disappointing people, and Larry David's name for them is- Schmohawk. I like this term, and will now give you a new list of Schmohawks.


This Schmohawk from the Utah Legislature went down onto the House floor and admitted to having a naked hot tub experience with a minor back in his mid-twenties, and then paying her hush money when he ran for office. He only had to come clean because his lady friend was trying to extort him further. What a massive Schmohawk!


Most people know Piven for his work on the wildly unentertaining show "Entourage," but on this blog he is more known for his Schmohawk behavior. Piven is known in many circles to be a real cheapskate and was even banned from a chain of restaurants after being rude to management and leaving only a DVD copy of Entourage as a tip on a several hundred dollar tab. Maybe not everyone remembers when you were a bald supporting character on "Ellen," but I do, Schmohawk.


This guy is such a Schmohawk that I can barely write about it. Beck's crybaby ramblings are rooted in his paranoid brain and nowhere else. Many have said that Beck's use of conspiracies to prove points only spreads fear and chaos. I agree, but will take it a step further and quote Jon Stewart, "finally, a guy who says what people who aren't thinking are thinking."

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  1. To add to Piven's overall schmohawkyness, he dropped out of that Broadway play because he got "mercury poisoning from bad sushi". Then was seen partying all over the place. Maybe he should of just admitted he is to stupid to actually try acting in front of something other then a camera. What a schmohawk.