Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Let Me Put My Poems In You

I was inspired by my friend and great poet, Joel Long, to write some poetry recently. I am admittedly not in the same vicinity of the league that Joel is in, but his work is the type that gives other people the spark because he cares so much about it. Here now are a few selections for your enjoyment.

Allergies at the Cabin

We take our life in our hands,
Or at least you do
Light trades with shadow
As the Cottonwood floats down
Piles like snowdrifts on the edges
Moves like a yawn on the floor

Yellow splatters on us
Paint hat tokens from an old room
I can see
Your tears cannot hold back the grit
Sandpaper eyes
A sniff and you go inside
Two Benadryl

Wreathed in pollen
Aspens stretch out
Waking in a haze of itch
A roar rips through the still


Have you tried that new Thai Restaurant?
She asked with a sneer
When did that become our barometer?
As if Pesto wasn’t enough

Messenger bags full of sushi
And advice on jet lag
Quentin’s latest film
After a meal that looked like a Jackson Pollock,
But tasted mediocre at best
A Chai with soy milk

It’s the Chinese character for peace
Is it?
I didn’t know you spoke Chinese
Or ever went to China
I am not deep enough
To plumb those depths

Sorry to have disturbed your debate
I didn’t know that coat was vintage
I only buy wine for the labels, not for taste
I went to the same school you did
Tarantino sucks

By the way, check out Joel's new book Knowing Time By Light- his stuff is awesome.

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