Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Like You

As the antithesis to my Schmohawk posts, I now present a few people that I admire/like/think everyone should be aware of.


This guy is the funniest stand-up working today. You might know him from his work as the Rat in Ratatouille, but do yourself a favor and listen to some of his work. His routines are full of great stories, references, sarcasm and self deprecating comments. For those who think Dane Cook and Larry the Cable Guy are the height of comedy, I'm here to reeducate you, and tell you that the best jokes come out of this short, stocky comic book nerd and not one of those other d bags.


Even though he has sadly departed this earth, this man was a class act all the way. In a business where people change husbands and wives like toilet paper rolls, he was married and loyal to his wife, Joanne Woodward, for 50 years. In addition, he was a race car driver, a humanitarian and a bad-ass actor. If I could be someone else, Paul Newman would be at the top of my list. I think I'll go eat some fabulous Newman's Own products and watch The Sting.


She is the only thing keeping Saturday Night Live afloat these days. Her characters and nuanced performances are really remarkable, considering what crappy other people she has to play off of. I hope that they can bring in some other people who are up to her standard so that she doesn't bolt and take a crappy NBC show called "The Office: Sandusky."

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