Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Birthday, United States!

This year on July 4th I am going to be celebrating this great nation with beer and fireworks and fun with friends- not bad. In addition to that, I will also be reflecting on America's place in the world. I do believe our country is the greatest on Earth, but there are some things that would make us even greater. I am proud to be an American, but I could be prouder.

First, we need to allow gay people to have the same rights under the law as straight people. Let them be married and enjoy the same benefits that my wife and I enjoy. I feel like this struggle for equality is my generation's civil rights movement. The U.S.A. seems so out of step with the times on this, and also so bigoted. I'm so tired of these people who say, "marriage is defined between a man and a woman." Guess what, people used to say that women had no right to vote and that all blacks were slaves. Get over it, things change. America has always been about being inclusive and leading by example, but in this regard we are failing miserably.

Second, in the same vein, this country needs to get rid of these ridiculous immigration laws. Having to carry documentation around in the event that you get profiled by police doesn't sound like America. It sounds like some kind of fascist regime- you know, like the ones we fought so hard to bring down during World War II?   I'm not going to go all Glenn Beck on you and bring out Nazi props, but just think about where this kind of law is going to take us. Immigration is an important issue, but Arizona has made a huge mistake in how to deal with it.

Third, and finally, let's keep the Russian spies out of America. What is this, 1960? Do we need to call England and have them send James Bond over? I know the Cold War is over, but seriously, U.S.A., nothing seems more unAmerican than letting the Russians set up shop for over a decade to spy on us. Get it together, CIA.

America is my home, and I love it, but I want to love it more. Happy Birthday, U.S.A. blow out your candles and make a good wish- (hint- wish for all that stuff I just said).

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