Thursday, July 8, 2010

There's Only One Number 23- and It Isn't Him

In one of the most cowardly acts in the history of sports, LeBron James opted to leave Cleveland for the Miami Heat on July 8th, 2010. I cannot cheer for him ever again because of this. Instead of trying to lift a city and a franchise out of the cellar, he will instead go play in a city that has had its ample share of success and for a team that has had an NBA Championship this decade. Classy move, LeBron. I don't feel a shred of remorse for him as the Cleveland fans rip him, and burn his jerseys, and the owner of the Cavs insults him via a statement. The 'King' is not in the same league as Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson or any of the other greats because instead of opting to do the right thing, he did the selfish thing.

Yes, everyone needs to look out for themselves, but what if Jordan had left the Bulls in 1990 for say, the Lakers, or the Celtics? Would he have achieved the same kind of status and become the greatest player ever? NO! LeBron just cost himself his legacy with this move to the Heat. Nobody will care if he wins a championship or two, because it came at the expense of something more valuable- integrity. I will forever respect men like Karl Malone or Charles Barkley or John Stockton or Patrick Ewing more than a guy like Adam Morrison. Sure, Morrison has two rings, but he sucks. LeBron would be so much better served by never winning and staying in Cleveland than bitching out and joining the Heat for a few trips to the Finals. At least Ewing and Stockton can say they never sold out and joined up with another team to try to win a ring. What is a ring worth if it comes because of someone else's work? Malone and Barkley tried to switch teams to do it and failed, just like LeBron deserves to.

LeBron has a famous quote about how he will never disappoint anybody, but guess what- he just disappointed everybody that's not living in Miami-Dade County. I'm sorry for Cavs fans, I'm sorry for Cavs players and I'm sorry for everyone who just saw their idol quit on his team and his fans, and opt for the easy way out. Enjoy your time in Miami, LeBron, I hope it was worth it.

P.S. Pat Riley is as big a slimeball as there is.


  1. I disagree with LeBron's decision, but Pat Riley should not be included in this. He's trying to build a championship team, not his fault for wanting the most talented players out there

  2. After this week, I may never watch basketball again.