Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Schmohawk Alert!

Unfortunately the world seems to be rife with Schmohawks these days. I see them on T.V. and in person. Here now are a few Schmohawks to add to the list.


I am all for feminism and giving women an opportunity to speak their minds, but these psycho harpies are doing all women serious harm. They are so misinformed, uninteresting and unfunny that they take Schmohawkery to new heights- or should I say depths. Elizabeth Hasselbeck is the worst, but Whoopi is fast becoming her equal. I would say that Barbara Walters needs to come and straighten these Schmohawks out, but she's been Schmohawking it up since the 1970's.


Where are you at? I don't know, but it sounds like I'm in the vicinity of a Schmohawk. This has seemingly become part of the way we talk as a society, but it makes those who do it Schmohawks. You don't need the 'at,' just say 'Where are you?' That's all that needs to be said. Do yourself a favor and drop the ats at the end of your sentences, Schmohawk.


Not that she ever had a chance, but this girl has finally made the move to Schmohawk Country. Can't anybody in her inner circle show her a before and after on Britney Spears' life? She's one unplanned pregnancy from working the counter at a Maverick. Billy Ray is no help either because his Schmohawk ass is sporting the Rachel haircut from circa 1996. Sorry Miley, but your career is getting Schmohawkier with every slutty pole dance you do.

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