Friday, August 27, 2010

I Like You

Here are a few people that I admire/enjoy/think you should be aware of.


Her songs are much more thoughtful, interesting and humorous than other female pop stars. She also writes them herself which is a huge deal considering that so many current artists don't. She's clever, savvy and kind of adorable. The other great thing about Lily is that her best song is a very cheerful telling off to George W. Bush called-  F*** You. Cheers, Lily.


This guy has been nearly perfect since he took over for Brett Favre two years ago. Nobody, including me, thought he would be able to replace Favre, but he has done nothing but make amazing throws, win games and lead one of the most storied franchises in sports out of the ashes of Favre's messy departure. I would be shocked if there is a Packers fan out there who is lamenting the loss of Favre. If they are, they haven't been paying attention because Aaron Rodgers is a stud.


As Mad Men's Don Draper, he is awesomely cool, but he's almost as cool in real life. I wrongly poo-pooed Mad Men for years, but now that I like it I can't help but be a fan of Jon Hamm. Unlike d bags like Marky Mark, Hamm is great at making fun of himself and his image. For a great example, watch 'Don Draper's Guide to Picking Up Women' from Saturday Night Live or his guest spot on 'Between Two Ferns.' I hear his middle name is 'Honeybaked.'


  1. Agreed. Lily is adorable. Met her once, in the Mormon Tabernacle no less. I'll tell you the story sometime.

    And I've never laughed so hard than at John Hamm's SNL episode. Classic.

  2. If you like Lily you might like Kate Nash. Look into it

  3. Funny, all this time I thought Jon Hamm's middle name was Glazed.