Wednesday, September 8, 2010

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By David Sedaris

I'm annoyed with myself because it took me so long to discover David Sedaris. I was aware of his sister Amy who gained fame as Gerri Blank on the T.V show Strangers with Candy, but had never read anything by him until recently. The short vignettes he writes about his life are laugh out loud hilarious. I literally started crying while reading several of them, so you can now consider me a David Sedaris fan.

The main focus of Me Talk Pretty One Day is Sedaris' quest to learn French while living in France with his boyfriend, Hugh. There are, however, many stories that are unrelated that focus on such random topics as his brother- The Rooster, his job as a furniture mover, his father's penchant for hiding food and an encounter with a giant piece of poop. For those of you who know me, you can bet that I loved the story about poop. I did, but I also enjoyed most of the other charming, witty installments that give you a look inside the creative and sometimes twisted mind of a great writer. The chapter that focuses on his speed and cocaine fueled time as a conceptual artist is the perfect example of how he expertly walks the fine line between somewhat disturbing and riotously funny.

Sedaris is smart and spares no expense when skewering his family, friends and most of all himself. It is refreshing to read something by a person who is so willing to make fun of their foibles and experiences for the benefit of the audience. I am sad that I missed an opportunity to see him live here in Salt Lake City because I can only imagine how hilarious he is in person. I guess I'll have to solace myself with another one of his books, and that's okay with me.

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