Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I Like You

Once again I bring you some people that I like/enjoy/admire/think you need to be aware of. I'm sure you already know about these three individuals, but I'm doing this to offset my Schmohawk posts so that I even out my karma.


What a babe. She's not only the best actress every year, she continues to be hot even at her age. I'm not usually into older ladies, but I'd be hard pressed not to put her high on my list of celebrity fantasy hookups. She's such a well respected woman and she keeps getting better- like a fine wine. The Queen is a great testament to her ability as an actress. (This one is for Elaine)


Who doesn't like this guy? He was my idol as Marty McFly in Back to the Future and won America over as Alex P. Keaton on Family Ties (or as my wife called it as a little kid, "Shoelaces"). He has also overcome a great deal in his struggle with Parkinson's disease and continued to work in spite of it. I admire him a great deal for his skill as an actor, and his perseverance as a human being.


He is by far the best basketball commentator working today. His frank and well informed opinions are at the same time hilarious and insightful. I had some difficulty cheering for him when he played, but now I make sure to catch him whenever there are NBA games on TNT. The Round Mound of Rebound has transitioned nicely into his current gig, and I hope he stays with it for a long time to come.

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