Sunday, November 28, 2010

Why the BCS Sucks

I am like many who feel that the BCS is a huge joke that robs fans and college football teams of a real chance to win the national title. Imagine any other sport, professional or collegiate, that allows a biased and imperfect ranking system to determine which team is the National Champion. It wouldn't happen in the NFL, NBA or any other college sport. That is the main reason that the BCS system needs to go. It would be unthinkable to any sports fan for the NCAA March Madness Basketball Tournament to be done away with in favor of an arbitrary ranking system that allowed only two chosen teams to play for the championship. Anything is possible if there is a playoff, but instead we get whatever SEC team that wins the conference title, and a Big 12 or Pac 10 team in the BCS Championship, while other, possibly more deserving teams get relegated to lesser bowls. It still angers me that the great Utah team that beat mighty Alabama in the Sugar Bowl a few years back didn't get a chance to play for a title and wound up at number two at season's end.

The system is flawed beyond belief and even as those in favor of it try to make valid arguments for it, we all know the real reason why they want to keep the status quo. Money. Money is the driving force behind why we don't have a playoff in college football. The big automatic qualifying conferences want to keep it a closed shop so that they can line their pockets, but year after year the AQ conferences are challenged by the TCUs and Utahs and Boise States of the world, and a mockery is made of the precious BCS. You can't sit here and tell me any ACC or Big East team is better than either TCU or Boise State this year because they aren't. Unless the big time conferences get their act together and put some good football teams on the field, the argument for keeping the current format gets thinner every year.

I hope that eventually teams will have the opportunity to have a playoff and see who really is the best team in the country. For now, it seems we are left wondering whether or not we have seen the best matchups the NCAA has to offer. The almighty dollar rules the landscape, not the spirit of honest competition.

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