Thursday, January 13, 2011

From the Fridge

I have some movie themed magnetic poetry on the old refrigerator, and as I was getting out my Crystal Light lemonade the other day I realized how funny some of it was. Here now are the best selections from my Hollywood magnetic poetry. 

Eastwood Bogarted refreshing Wood

Hide your Casablanca?

Brad Loved Bad Audrey

Scorsese gets wish, Redford is out

I want Bruce Willis on my side

Be very Wayne...ride alone

The Good Queen Mae Nicholson

Denzel's gone Hepburn

Apocalypse Sally Featuring Siskel and the Tarantino Wizards

Barbarella is in heat

His wonderful Sci-fi portrayals make Brando see Ishtar

Tom Cruise monumentally sucks

Pulp Gump Tootsie Frankenstein- Starring Travolta, Hanks, Hoffman, Streisand "An exhilerating musical picture"- Ebert

A sequel to Spielberg's acclaimed dramas- E.T. Phone Jaws

King Stallone of Oz

Get Agent James Bond 007 a gun

Pacino to Poppins; Great cinema, fantastic actor, music

There you have it, kids. Art at its finest.

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