Saturday, March 12, 2011

Audio Vaudeville

I have started a bi-weekly podcast with my good friend Ryan Shattuck. Ryan is the author of Revolutions for Fun and Profit, as well as a former writer for The Regal Seagull. My talents have been well documented on this blog, so there's no need to go through them again. By activating some sort of latent Wondertwin powers, we have come together to bring the world what it needs now more than ever- another podcast. Audio Vaudeville has produced five episodes so far, ranging in topics from relationships to the Oscars. I am hoping that if you enjoy this blog, you will hop on over to iTunes and give our podcast a try. We describe it in much the same way I would describe my blog- a topical, current affairs, pop culture, comedy, tragedy, news, sketch, interview program...with jokes.

Here are the links you'll need to hear the show.

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