Sunday, May 8, 2011

I Like You

As the karmic antithesis to my Schmohawk posts, I offer up some people that I wish to compliment and recognize for their awesomeness. Here now are three more people that I like.


This guy is funny. Really funny. He has been in some sub par movies, but his performances never fail to make me laugh. His best work is as the writer and star of Eastbound And Down. As ex-pitcher turned P.E. teacher Kenny Powers, McBride is a wisdom spewing, mullet sporting, steroid taking party animal. It isn't often that an original character comes along these days, but McBride's Kenny Powers is one of them.


These two are the masterminds behind radio's best show,WNYC's Radiolab. They are flat out changing the way radio is done with the way they play with sound. The show is built on science-based topics that are the brainchild of NPR's science reporter, Krulwich,  and then Abumrad edits the stories and layers them with effects and music to create an audio tapestry that is unlike anything else out there. I am hosting my own podcast and trying to emulate these two as much as I can because they are the new gold standard in public radio. Need more proof that they're good? They just won a Peabody Award.

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