Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Utah Jazz Musings

The NBA Draft Lottery was last night, and my team, the Utah Jazz, lucked out and got the 3rd pick. I was happy, because the last time they drafted that high they ended up with a guy named Deron Williams, who turned out to be a pretty good player- until they traded him. According to all the pundits and experts, this draft is thin and contains few NBA ready players. With that said I am hopeful that the Jazz can get a player that will help them get back on track soon.

The main candidates for  in the early going are Arizona forward Derrick Williams (another D-Will?) and Enes Kanter, a Turkish center who spent last year at Kentucky. The Jazz also have the 12th pick, and many here in Utah (not me) are hoping that they draft BYU scoring machine Jimmer Fredette. If they do, fine, but don't be shocked if he isn't putting up 30 points a game in the NBA. Some guys just don't have games that translate well to the NBA, and I fear that Jimmer is one of them. My hope is that the Jazz don't get sucked into the hype and instead pick the best player available. If it happens to be Jimmer, so be it. With all that said I am glad to see my team getting back on what appears to be the right track. It would be pretty hard for things to get much worse than how last season ended. Yikes, I hope I didn't just jinx us.

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