Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Best Quarterbacks Ever

With this crappy Brett Favre saga going on, it has made me think about his place among the all time greats. I have decided to make a list of the QBs that I think are the best in NFL history. Yes, Favre is among them despite his on again/off again/on again drama with the Vikings, and before that the Jets, and before that my Packers.  

10. Steve Young
Nice arm, won Super Bowl, followed #1 with class and quality. Nice mobility too.

9. Dan Marino
Had the records, but what did he ever win? He won my heart in Ace Ventura.

8. John Elway
Most would have him higher, but I hate John Elway. He lost how many Super Bowls before Terrell Davis won him two? P.S. I hate John Elway.

7. Troy Aikman
Took Big D to three Super Bowls, and won them all. 

6. Johnny Unitas
The crew cut was a hairstyle you could set your watch by, he was the gold standard for a long time and led the Colts to a few championships.

5. Peyton Manning
Cool, calm, smart. Multiple MVP and won a Super Bowl while turning around a moribund franchise. Good commercials too. Still the best Manning.

4. Tom Brady
Big winner, this guy. He's here for that, and because he's married to Gisele.

3. Terry Bradshaw
Another winner, and got the Steelers on the map as the best franchise in the league.

2. Brett Favre
Has all the records, 3 MVPs, Super Bowl victory and is the definition of iron man.  He just had to ruin it by going to the Vikes.

1. Joe Montana
He just won. Period.

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