Monday, September 7, 2009

Best of the Beatles Part II

Here's a follow-up to my last post. I realized when I pressed Publish Post, that I forgot to recognize some of the Beatles' best work. Nobody's perfect, not even yours truly.


Strawberry Fields Forever- Great variety, thoughtful lyrics. "I Buried Paul."
A Day in the Life- The Orchestra makes it. The emerging drug/sexual culture gets confirmation with " I'd love to turn you on."
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds- Not a drug song, but great imagery in the lyrics.
Magical Mystery Tour- Roll up, the mystery tour is a great entre into another groovy 60's album.


Money (With the Beatles)
Roll Over Beethoven (With the Beatles)
Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey (Beatles for Sale)
A Taste of Honey (Please Please Me)
Long Tall Sally
Honey Don't (Beatles for Sale)


1. Sgt. Pepper
This cover is like a piece of modern art. The band in their hippie band uniforms, the crowd of celebrities, and the Paul is Dead references make it the most artsy, hip and mysterious cover they ever had.

2. Abbey Road
So iconic, it has spawned more parodies than any other. Also, it is rife with more dead Paul stuff. 28 IF?

3. A Hard Day's Night
Another iconic cover, with the great headshots of the band in a mod 60's arrangement. Super fab, baby!

4. With the Beatles
Dark and artsy, it set the standard for all the later covers with a cool, yet introspective look at the fab four. Sorry, Ringo there's no room for you up here.

5. The Beatles (The White Album)
So simple, so elegant. If Calvin Klein designed album covers he would have done them like this. No band ever could back up a plain cover like that with a great 2 disc set. Except the Beatles.


Eric Clapton- Played awesome guitar on While My Guitar Gently Weeps and smoothed over the somewhat contentious White Album sessions.

Pete Best- The first drummer, but his lack of jewelry and normal name couldn't compare with his eventual replacement.

Billy Preston- Great pianist that added a much needed element to the live sound of the Let it Be albums. Also smoothed over some friction, and nearly made it as a full time member of the group.


Hello, Goodbye
I am the Walrus
Lady Madonna
Paperback Writer

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