Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Best of the Beatles Part III (Post-Beatles)

After they broke up, each of the Beatles embarked on their own solo careers. While they were never as successful apart, they did produce some good work that is very listenable. I for one think that George's post-Beatles work is the finest, just because he had more of a backlog of songs that John and Paul never let him record. Paul's work was the most prolific, but somewhat stilted. John did some nice work, particularly right before his untimely death in 1980. And Ringo, well he wrote some stuff too- some of it actually quite good. Here now is the best of the band, after the band.


1. All Things Must Pass (Harrison)
Many of these songs were leftover from the Beatles days, and could have been great Beatles hits. Instead, George put them on a double album and the result is the best of the Beatles solo work. There are classics like What is Life?, My Sweet Lord and All Things Must Pass, but some of the lesser known tracks are great as well. Wah-Wah, Awaiting on You All and I Dig Love hold up quite well as solid rock songs with inventive instrumentation. While this album is vintage Harrison, it is also vintage rock and roll.

2. Band on the Run (McCartney and Wings)
The high water mark for Wings, Band on the Run boasts the two best Wings songs, Jet and Band on the Run, as well as a great cover. While Wings had some other decent albums, this one is the most complete and fully formed. Paul's mastery as pop rock is in full bloom here.

3. Double Fantasy (Lennon)
Forget the crappy Yoko songs on this joint effort and listen to Lennon's final album. Released just before his death, John goes back to his roots with thoughtful lyrics in the vein of In My Life, as well as good rock melodies. (Just Like) Starting Over, Watching the Wheels and Cleanup Time are best among the ones here. Too bad we'll never hear what he might have been capable of afterward.


Instant Karma
Cold Turkey
Whatever Gets You Thru the Night
I'm Stepping Out
Cleanup Time
Mind Games
(Just Like) Starting Over

Helen Wheels
Live and Let Die
Maybe I'm Amazed
Flaming Pie
Band on the Run
Junior's Farm
Hi Hi Hi

Got My Mind Set On You
When We Was Fab
What is Life?
My Sweet Lord
The Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp
Cheer Down

La De Da
Back Off Boogaloo
You're Sixteen
It Don't Come Easy


JOHN- Plastic Ono Band
PAUL- Wings
GEORGE- Traveling Wilburys
RINGO- The All-Starr Band


Ringo, George- It Don't Come Easy, Photograph

Paul, Ringo- Beatiful Night

Paul, George, Ringo- All Those Years Ago

Paul, John, George, Ringo- Free as a Bird, Real Love

Concert For George- Paul, Ringo, Eric Clapton, Billy Preston (Something, For You Blue, While My Guitar Gently Weeps)


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