Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Things I've Told People

I say things. Some are true and others are not at all. I like to make people wonder, and so here are some things- true or not, that I have told people.

The song 'Big Shot' by Billy Joel has the line 'with the spoon up your nose' which many think refers to a cocaine spoon. In fact, it refers to a time in Joel's youth when he was in a car with his family having milkshakes. His father was forced to stop quickly and the spoon went up Joel's nose.

Christopher Walken almost played Han Solo in Star Wars.

I was voted most limber boy in high school.

The only movie I've ever seen by myself is What Women Want.

Soccer was originally called 'Checkerboard Ball.'

Pope Innocent III's nickname was 3 Cent.

Scotland Yard is called that because the grass in the courtyard was grown in Scotland by Scottish gardeners.

Tom Hanks won an Oscar for his role as Pep Streebeck in Dragnet.

I had an imaginary friend named Kicky.

The spinoff to the show 'Medium' is called 'Large.'

Batman could actually happen.

Tune in next time for more bullshit.

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