Monday, February 1, 2010

Jumping the Shark

Welcome to February, kids. I've noticed lately that there are many people and things that have "Jumped the Shark." The definition of jumping the shark is when something- usually a T.V. show, becomes absurd, strange and unwatchable. I also use it to mean when someone or something has gotten so popular that it "jumps the shark" and becomes annoyingly overdone. Here now, is a list of a few things/people that have Jumped the Shark.


Yeah, we get it, the burgers are fresh and the fries are fresh and there's cool code words for onions and two patties, but In-N-Out has definitely jumped the shark. I've had In-N-Out many times, and it is very good, but I can't see why people will travel miles out of the way or push their grandmother down the stairs to get it. Thanks to its over-popularity we now have a slew of chains that are basically the same, and in some cases better. Five Guys Burger and Fries is an example. I'll eat In-N-Out, but I won't use a whole tank of gas to get a burger, double double
animal style.


I love Will Farrell, but he kinda sucks now. I thought he was great in his SNL days and in his first few movies, but he has totally jumped the shark. Because of his success, he has been ruined, and now instead of the awesomeness that was Anchorman we get crap like Step Brothers. Just like so many great comedians before him (Bill Murray, Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy) he thinks that anything he does is just absolutely hilarious because he is the one doing it. Sadly, a lot of other people think so too, but just remember that Mike Myers was killing it in 1997 with Austin Powers and now he's doing Shrek VIII and The Love Guru. I hope Will can reverse the trend of shark jumping because I don't want to see him as an animated Mouse in a movie called "Who Cut the Cheese?"


Is there anything these morons won't film? I hear Jersey Shore is funny, and I know Flavor Flav deserves to find someone special, but come on! Round about season 97 of The Real World reality T.V. jumped the shark in the most in-your-face way imaginable. It has become a ridiculous joke what passes for entertainment these days, and the only good thing about reality T.V. is that people rip it to shreds for laughs. I don't need to see Kendra Wilkinson giving birth, or The Situation getting busy with the ladies, or Gary Busey losing weight. I just don't.


He's the least offensive one in this group, but Jon Stewart has jumped the shark. I love The Daily Show, and really appreciated what it did for news and politics back in the early part of the decade. Now, Jon Stewart's success has made him way too preachy. Just give me the fake news, and we'll move on.

Next time, I'll tell you which Disney star has jumped the shark. I'll give you a hint, her dad is Billy Ray Cyrus.


  1. I agree with most of these and will even say that Will Ferrell jumped with the pile known as "Kicking and Screaming" and the ice skating one sucked too.. but Sep Brothers was AWESOME!! maybe I am just a 15 year old boy, but I thougth that movie ruled it big time..
    ps.. I am loving your blog buddy:)

  2. oops.. make that "Step" Brothers..