Wednesday, February 24, 2010

NBA All-time Team

I love basketball more than any other sport, and as such I have given a lot of thought to who would be on my all-time team. I have studied the game, the teams and the players over my whole life and have come up with 13 names. Obviously it is very difficult to have a perfect list, and someone will invariably come up with an argument for a great player who is left off. If you don't agree with my list, make your own. Before I present the list, I must say that I tried to have players from many different eras and teams to give the list variety. Here now, is the All-time Team.


C- BILL RUSSELL (Celtics) 11 Time Champion- the biggest winner and best leader of all time
F- KARL MALONE (Jazz) 2 Time MVP, 2nd in scoring all time, best power forward in the game
F- LARRY BIRD (Celtics) 3 Time Champion, Best clutch shooter ever
G- MICHAEL JORDAN (Bulls/Wizards) 6 Time Champion, 6 Time Finals MVP, Best player ever
G- MAGIC JOHNSON (Lakers) 5 Time Champion, 3 Time MVP, 6'9'' Point Guard


F- JULIUS ERVING (Nets/76ers) 1 Time MVP, 1 Time Champion, Dunking pioneer
G- JOHN STOCKTON (Jazz) All time steals and assists leader
C- KAREEM ABDUL-JABBAR (Bucks/Lakers) 6 Time Champion, 6 Time MVP, Scoring Leader
G- OSCAR ROBERTSON (Royals/Bucks) 1 Time MVP, 1 Time Champion
C- WILT CHAMBERLAIN (76ers/Lakers) 4 Time MVP, 2 Time Champion
G- JERRY WEST (Lakers) 1 Time Champion, 1 Time Finals MVP, The Logo of the NBA
F- LEBRON JAMES (Cavaliers) 1 Time MVP, Currently the NBA's most dominant player
G- KOBE BRYANT (Lakers) 4 Time Champion, 1 Time MVP, 1 Time Finals MVP

There it is. I hope you Laker fans appreciate that Kobe, who I hate, made the list. I can be objective if I try.

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  1. Wow, that's almost a perfect list you put together. The only thing I would change is I would drop Lebron and replace with Tim Duncan. Also, I might start Kareem instead of Bill Russell.