Friday, February 12, 2010

The Nominees Are...

I know you have all been anxiously awaiting the nominations for the Conor Awards, well here they are. I have expanded the awards this year to include not only Best Picture, but Best Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress and Director. I have seen most of the 2009 films of consequence, and feel that these represent the best of the year. The most notable snub is Avatar, which got 0 nominations. While it was a very beautiful film, and showed what is possible with filmmaking, it left me wishing James Cameron had spent part of the $300 million budget on a writer. Watching Avatar was like being given a beautiful car, and not being allowed to drive it. Sure, it's nice to look at, but who cares if you can't get behind the wheel? Sorry, James Cameron it just wasn't your year for a Conor Award. Maybe you can get a nomination for Avatar 2: The Search for More Money.


Star Trek

The Hurt Locker

The Hangover

Up In The Air

District 9

Robert Downey, Jr.- Sherlock Holmes
George Clooney- Up in the Air
Jeff Bridges- Crazy Heart

Meryl Streep- Julie and Julia
Meryl Streep- It’s Complicated
Sandra Bullock- The Blindside

Alec Baldwin- It’s Complicated
Zach Galifinakis- The Hangover
Christoph Waltz- Inglourious Basterds

Maggie Gyllenhall- Crazy Heart
Diane Kruger- Inglourious Basterds
Anna Kendrick- Up in the Air

J.J. Abrams- Star Trek
Kathryn Bigelow- The Hurt Locker
Neill Blomkamp- District 9

Please leave me a comment if you disagree with my picks. The award winners will be revealed on the Saturday before the Oscars, so you have time to lobby me for who should win.

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