Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Beverages I Enjoy

I like a nice beverage. Some I only like at certain times, but others I enjoy all the time. Here now is a list of some of my favorite beverages, and when I like them.

Miller High Life- This is my favorite low-end beer. I can enjoy it at a party where I don't need to impress anyone. I'll drink it as a tall boy, but I prefer it in a bottle. It is, after all, the Champagne of Beers.

Newcastle Brown Ale- I love this beer. It can be drunk on its own or with a meal. I have found it to be surprisingly good with Mexican food and burgers. Go figure!

Cutthroat Pale Ale- This is my favorite Utah microbrew. It is from the Uinta brewery and I think it is vastly better on tap than in a bottle. But if you twist my arm, I'll drink it out of the bottle.

Raspberry Lemonade Crystal Light- I mix up a pitcher of this a few times a week. It is so satisfyingly thirst quenching I can't even explain it. This goes well with a nice sandwich, chips and pickle. MMMMM.

Ginger Ale- This used to be my favorite drink, and I had it around all the time. I had to stop drinking it because of the sugar, hence the switch to Crystal Light. I'll only have it on special occasions like Christmas now. If you're having me over, Schweppes is my favorite. Canada Dry is swill. I'll drink jock strap sweat out of a shot glass before I drink Canada Dry.

Gin/Vodka and Tonic- A great summer beverage. A little G&T or V&T is a great way to relax on the deck at the cabin. Make sure to have it with a squeeze of lime.

Scotch and Soda- I don't need a really spendy Scotch, I like Dewars or Cutty Sark or McClelland's. This is what I enjoy in the fall and winter. I was told I needed a cold weather cocktail, and this is what I came up with. I also like it because the soda makes it bubbly.

Some Others I Enjoy-

Cherry Coke Zero
Dr. Pepper
Arizona Tea Arnold Palmer
Squatter's Full Suspension Pale Ale
Kilt Lifter Ale
Guinness (On St. Patrick's Day)

Damn, I'm thirsty. Happy drinking!

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