Monday, March 15, 2010

Best Shows on T.V.

I don't really follow any T.V. shows anymore. DVD has ruined me for watching shows on T.V., and all I do anymore is wait for a show to end or come out on DVD after a season is over. Also, it takes a lot of discipline to budget out time each week to keep up with a current show. I really haven't followed a show since Friends and Seinfeld were on. There are a few shows that I enjoy that are currently still being made, but I don't follow them. Here they are.


I always loved Seinfeld, but I think I might prefer Curb. Larry David is a genius, and after watching Curb it is clear that he was really the brains behind Seinfeld, and Jerry wasn't as funny or clever as I thought. The stuff that Larry gets into is absolutely hilarious, and I love the supporting cast of Jeff, Susie. Leon and Cheryl. I haven't seen the new season with the Seinfeld reunion (not on DVD yet), but I really can't wait. I only hope Larry keeps making the show so that we can continue to see all the weird crap he gets into.


Just like Curb, this show is about a group of degenerates who do unthinkable things. It is also hysterically funny. The gang from Paddy's Pub is like a white trash Seinfeld crew, and their antics vary from finding a dumpster baby to stalking the waitress to pooping the bed. Frank and Charlie are the best characters, but it wouldn't be the same without Mac, Dennis and Dee. Watch the gang because as Frank says, "Poop is funny."


It's really nice that this crew comes in and helps people get rid of their clutter. I love how it changes people's lives for the better and I also like the witty banter between the Clean House team. They are all so charming! Just kidding. This show bugs me because the weirdos never want to give up their stuff to get new rooms. I totally punked you with the Clean House entry.

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  1. I will admit. You did totally Punk me with the clean house thing. I felt lost and confused.