Thursday, March 11, 2010

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Starring- Eddie Murphy, Ronny Cox, Judge Reinhold, Steven Berkhoff

Before Eddie Murphy starting making the worst movies imaginable, he was actually the hottest comedian in Hollywood. 1984 was the best year of Murphy's career, in my opinion, because it brought us his three best films- 48 Hours, Trading Places and this. Beverly Hills Cop is a Rated R Murphy at his wisecracking best. Originally written for Sylvester Stallone (what?), Paramount was forced to drastically change the film's tone and humor when Murphy was cast as Det. Axel Foley. Thank god they did.

Axel Foley is a cop from Detroit who is forced to travel to Beverly Hills to discover why his best friend was killed, and who is behind it. The trail leads him to shady art dealer Victor Maitland, but Axel also gets into trouble with the Beverly Hills Police along the way. After some very funny run-ins with Beverly Hills cops Rosewood and Taggert, Foley gets them to help solve the mystery of his friend's murder.

There are a great deal of funny scenes in this movie, and many quotable lines, which are two of my criteria for what makes a film good or not. The playful relationship that Murphy has with his Beverly Hills allies, as well as his great chemistry with the villain shows what a talent he was, emphasis on the word "was." What happened to Eddie Murphy in the years that followed 1984 is tragic, as we were subjected to such non-classics as Vampire in Brooklyn, The Golden Child and Pluto Nash. At least when we pop in Beverly Hills Cop we can recall a time when Eddie Murphy was much more than a talking donkey or a fat professor.

Things to Watch For-

Espresso with a lemon twist
The Crappy Blue Chevy Nova
The Banana in the tailpipe
A great '80's soundtrack with the title track- Axel F.
A Cameo by a young Damon Wayans

"I don't think cost is the issue here, sir. I think the issue should be my blatant disregard for proper procedure."

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